SMART TELEVISIONS    A smart tv is one that can connect to the internet. Many have wireless capabilities built in but not all. 

3D  TELEVISIONS    A 3D television can play 3D content. You would need a 3D source, for example a 3D Blu-Ray player.

4K   4K is also called UHD for Ultra High Definition. This screen has 4 times as many pixels as a 1080 set.

LED TV   There is much confusion about "LED" tvs. The LED tv is actually an LCD television that uses LEDs for the backlight. Earlier LCD tvs, and those not labeled LED, use cold cathode flourescent lamps (CCFL) behind the screen to provide the brightness. 

Projection TVs    Rear projection, where the set is self contained, is no longer in production.   Projectors now are mostly front projection (although some can be used behind the screen). They project onto a separate screen. They come in either LCD or DLP. They are seen in theaters, home theater, churches, etc.



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