Fact:  God created us. Good News: He still watches over us!
Fact: God loved us. Good News:  He still does!
Fact: We rejected God's love and chose to live by our own rules.       Good News: God still loved us!
Fact: We have messed up our own lives and the world. Good News: God has offered a way to fix it.
Fact: We deserve to die to pay for the damage we have done. Good News: God himself came, in human form, as Jesus, and paid for what we have done wrong.
Fact: We can not do anything to get ourselves out of this trouble. We are going to die. Good News: God has done it! Jesus died to pay our penalty but He came back from the dead. He says if we believe and turn from our own ways, He will save us.
Fact: We are headed for eternal destruction after we die. Good News: God offers us Eternal Life, if we will just believe, confess our wrong-doing, and ask for His forgiveness.
Fact: We still can’t always do what’s right.        Good News: We commit to following God and He will make us new and guide us to a life that is better than we could have ever imagined.

Won’t you accept this gift?

Talk to God.  Acknowledge that you have messed up and that you have hurt others and that you have broken His rules. Ask Him to forgive you. Acknowledge that you know Jesus came and died for you. Ask Him to take control and straighten you out.

Once you do this you have begun a relationship with God. Now you need to get to know Him



Proprietor:  Rich Reid  CET / MST

Member:  National Electronics Service Dealer's Association

Member:  International Society of Certified Electronic Technicians

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